Coach Todd Bowles doesn’t believe there were locker room issues last season with the New York Jets, just some minor stuff that got blown out of proportion because of the losing.

That’s interesting because they’ve spent a lot of time this offseason addressing problems that didn’t exist.

Running back Matt Forte, one of the few over-30 players who survived the roster purge, became the latest player to publicly acknowledge something was amiss last season with the team’s chemistry.

Being in that locker room and going through that season, we know what the issues were. How do we change that? How do we change the culture in the locker room? How do we change the mistakes we made last year?

It’s still only May, but the Jets are ahead of 2016 in at least one respect: The team’s most experienced quarterback and likely starter, Josh McCown, is in the building, bonding with teammates. That wasn’t the case last year with Fitzpatrick, who wasn’t able to attend offseason activities because he was unsigned.

Forte said McCown, a former teammate with the Chicago Bears, is doing a good job of helping to fill a leadership void at quarterback.